10 Cycling Locations in Bali

10 Cycling Locations in Bali. With Cool Panorama.

Cycling is a recreational or sports activity.

And is one of the modes of land transportation that uses bicycles.
Cycling is not only popular with adults you know, but children are also very fond of cycling activities.
In fact, many children go to school using bicycles as a means of transportation.
Cycling can be done in various fields, such as hills, steep terrain or just rural and urban areas.
Here are 10 Cycling Locations in Bali with Cool Panorama

10 Cycling Locations in Bali

Bali as a world tourist destination also offers cycling tours.
Cycling in Bali is very fun because we will pass the panoramic view of the beach, the countryside, even the beautiful mountain scenery.
So in addition to sweat, cycling in Bali can refresh your mind.
For those who want to explore the natural panorama of Bali using a bicycle, the following admin shares 10 cycling locations in Bali with a cool panorama.

1. Sanur Beach

For those who live around Denpasar City and its surroundings, the location of cycling with a panoramic view is located on Sanur Beach.
The beach is famous for the beauty of the sunrise and has exotic white sand that has a jogging track area of ​​approximately 5 km in length that can be used for cycling. The jogging track area in the Sanur Beach area stretches from Sanur Sunrise Beach to Sanur Mertasari Beach.
This track can be “tested” by cycling going through several famous beach points in the Sanur region.
Starting at the northernmost there is the Sunrise Beach, then to Bali Beach, Segara Ayu Beach, Sindhu Beach, Karang Beach, Batu Jimbar Beach.
Duyung Beach, Semawang Beach, Mertasari Beach and at the southern end there is the Shoot Beach which has the Mertasari Inspiration Park.
Each beach point has its own uniqueness you know.

If you don’t have time to bring a bicycle, you can also rent,
because at Sanur beach there is a bicycle rental service at a price that is not too expensive, just spend Rp 5,000 per hour,
we can already go along the very beautiful Sanur beach.
To go along the Sanur beach it will take about 1 hour from the sunrise beach to the Mertasari beach.
So it takes 2 hours to return to the bicycle rental service.

2. Nusa Dua Beach

In addition to Sanur Beach, biking locations in Bali with a beach panorama can be done on Nusa Dua Beach,
because here also has provided a jogging track area that can be traversed by bicycle.
Especially in the tourist area which is famous for this five-star hotel.
There are bicycle rental services at quite cheap prices, namely Rp. 25 thousand for a six-hour rental

And Rp. 50 thousand for a 12-hour rental.
During down the Nusa Dua area by bicycle,
you will be presented with a panoramic view of the exotic white sand beach complete with a panorama of two islands.

That became the forerunner to the name of the Nusa Dua region.

Namely Nusa Dharma Island and Nusa Gede Island (Peninsula Island).

We can also export the beauty of these two islands by using bicycles because in both islands there is also a jogging track that is connected to the track on the beach of Nusa Dua.

Moreover, on the island of Nusa Gede, there are attractions water blow and arjuna statue as a spot to take pictures that are very cool.

Rent a bicycle in Nusa Dua precisely in the ITDC (Indonesian Tourism Development Corporation) Nusa Dua area has been there since 2016,
and now it has begun to be widely known by the public and also tourists.

Cycling Locations

3. Ubud Tourism Village

In the Hollywood film entitled “Eat, Pray, Love”
starring Julia Roberts there is a scene where the film star uses a bicycle to explore the beauty of the tourist area of ​​Ubud.
Not only in the film do you know, but the tourist area of ​​Ubud is also suitable explored its beauty by using a bicycle.
In addition to health, cycling in Ubud will make a fresh mind.
Because on a cycling trip we will find a lot of green rice fields.

Rural (traditional Balinese houses), and the work of artists from the village.
In fact, we will also pass the Ubud Art Market, while cycling we can shop for various souvenirs in the form of hats, bracelets, rings, paintings,
and various other interesting items.

Cycling in Ubud does not need to worry about the tracks that will be traversed.
Because the bicycle tracks in Ubud are very easy and there are not so many climbs.
Please note that there are two of the most popular tracks for cycling in Ubud.
Namely the start point at Ceking Tegalalang with panoramic views of terraced rice fields and finish at Pura Dalem Puri Ubud
(2-hour journey duration).

And the start point at Taro Tegalalang and finish at Bukit Tjampuhan Ubud (duration 2, 5 hours drive).
The rental price of bicycles in Ubud is quite cheap at Rp. 60,000 / bicycle (minimum of 10 units for rent).
It would be better if you use the services of a tour guide, so that later when we are cycling do not get lost or target everywhere.
And this guide will also provide instructions to where the path is traversed to get a very cool view.
If you use the services of a tour guide we will be charged Rp. 200,000 (maximum of 10 people per tour guide).

4. Kintamani

The location of cycling in Bali with a cool mountain panorama is in Kintamani.
Because the air temperature in Kintamani is low in comparison with other areas in Bali.
Before cycling, it would be best to start with breakfast and enjoy the beautiful views of Lake Batur and Mount Batur.
After that, we will continue to explore Kintamani panorama by using a bicycle while exploring life in the countryside and relaxing along the way.
Cycling in Kintamani with the route can reach about 27 km.

We will pass a traditional vegetable garden, rural panorama.
And also see the daily life activities of the Balinese people.

10 Cycling Locations in Bali

5. Subak Sembung

In addition to Sanur Beach, there is another location for cycling in Denpasar.
Namely in the jogging track of Subak Sembung Peguyangan which has a track with a length of up to 1 km with a width of 2 meters.
Of course this can be passed by bicycle.

Unlike the jogging track on Sanur Beach, which is a more dominant panorama of white sand beach.
in the jogging track subak sembung we will be presented with a panorama of verdant rice fields with refreshing air.

Initially, this track was a rice field dike.

Then it was changed to a jogging track by concreting it.
Although the rice field is used as a place to jog.

It does not interfere with the activities of farmers in this area.
After getting tired of going around this track by bicycle, we can take a break for a while.
because in this area also provided several units of the blank bale that can be used to rest.
Many local residents use this track for sports or riding a bicycle if it is quiet.
The location of Subak Sembung is on Ahmad Yani Street, Peguyangan Village, North Denpasar District, Denpasar City, Bali.

6. Bali Bike Park

Bali Bike Park has seven bike lanes with different characters and difficulty levels.
The existing track in this area is designed in such a way as to be enjoyed by riders from beginners to experts.
For the convenience of cyclists.

In this place also provided a cafe and gift shop including toilets.
This cycling place located in North Bali is not only for adults, but you can also even enjoy cycling in this Bali Bike Park area.

To enjoy this track, the cyclists only need to prepare Rp. 250,000 for domestic tourists and Rp. 775,000
for foreign tourists for a day of play (including loading).

Be sure to register online at www.balibikepark.com a few days before visiting.
Cycling lovers are not required to bring bicycles to Bali Bike Park.

Because they also rent bicycles for the All Mountain and Downhill genre with a rental fee of Rp 450,000 per day.

Bali Bike Park opens from 08.00 WITA and closes at 14.00 WITA.

How? Interested in trying out the track at Bali Bike Park Dasong?
Please travel to Dasong Street, Pancasari Village, Sukasada District, Buleleng Regency, Bali.

7. Jatiluwih Rice Terrace

Jatiluwih Tourism Village is the most popular tourist village in Tabanan.

Even the Jatiluwih tourism village was designated as one of the world’s cultural heritage by UNESCO you know.
Jatiluwih village is famous for its natural beauty that is able to make the travelers will be amazed.
especially the beauty of the terraces that are very wide, verdant at the foot of the Batukaru mountains.
To enjoy the natural panorama of Jatiluwih with rice reassuring, you can do it by bicycle for two hours.
Here there are 17 challenging cycling routes.
passing through the rice fields and settlements with fresh air which is certainly able to refresh the mind.

Cycling Locations in Bali

8. Bukit Putung

The coolest panoramic biking spot in East Bali is in the Bukit Putung tourist spot.
Cycling on Bukit Putung.

The riders will be served with a very beautiful natural scenery with a stretch of salak plantation owned by local residents.
If we ride on Jatiluwih, we will be served with a view of rice fields.
cycling on Bukit Putung will be served with a panorama of green fields and free of air pollution.
The location is not far from the famous Sibetan agro-tourism as the center of Bali salak cultivation which has a sweet taste.
So while cycling we can taste the sweet taste of salak Bali, of course, this will be an interesting experience during a vacation in Bali.

9. Carangsari Village

Carangsari village is known as a struggling village with beautiful natural scenery.
This village is the birthplace of a hero from Bali named I Gusti Ngurah Rai.
So, on holiday to this village.
Besides being able to enjoy the beautiful natural panorama.

We can also learn about the struggle of I Gusti Ngurah Rai in expelling invaders from this Indonesian land.

We can explore this rural nature by cycling.
There are many very interesting biking tracks here.

This village is also one of the traditional villages in Bali.
So for bikers who want to feel the exoticism of thick Balinese culture.

You can choose Carangsari Village as a location for cycling in Bali.

Cycling Locations in Bali

10. Lake Buyan

To try an unusual tour experience in Bali, cycling in the Lake Buyan tourist area could be the right choice.
The lake which is in the Bedugul tourist attraction is adjacent to Tamblingan Lake, so it is known as twin lakes.
Cycling on Lake Buyan we will be served with natural scenery in the form of green and beautiful forests with cool air.
Equipped with panoramic views of mountains, lakes, and hills will make cycling activities in this area fun.
Especially with those closest to us.
While riding a bicycle we can see the activities of community life around Lake Buyan.

Such as fishing and farming carrots, strawberries and orchids.
Usually cycling tourism activities at Buyan Lake ends with lunch at Ulun Danu Beratan Temple which is an icon of Bedugul tourism.

Now that’s some cycling locations in Bali that can be tried track.
Hopefully, this can be used as a reference in finding a cycling location in Bali with a cool panorama.

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