Jakarta has many famous buildings with historical stories behind them. Until now, these buildings are still well managed and well taken care of, ready for the tourists who want to visit.

Visiting various famous buildings in Jakarta is not only for vacation, but can also be an exciting and fun educational moment. So, do not be surprised if these places are always crowded.

Then what are the famous historical buildings in Jakarta? Is there a suitable place for educational tours with children and family? Come on, let’s discuss!

1. Fatahillah Museum

Fatahillah Museum or Jakarta History Museum is a historical building in the Kota Tua area. Founded in 1626, the museum covers an area of ​​1,300 square meters. Inside the museum, there are objects of Jakarta’s historical journey including inscriptions, ceramics, and other relics.

2. Kota Tua (Old Town)

Kota Tua is one of the most popular historical buildings in Jakarta. In the Kota Tua area, you can find many historical buildings such as the Fatahillah Museum, Bank of Indonesia Museum, Wayang Museum, Sunda Kelapa Harbor, and Toko Merah.

Kota Tua was originally the center point of Jakarta back then. So, not surprising that many buildings have the Dutch colonial era nuances, which are still well managed until now.

3. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII)

If you want to see the miniature of Indonesia, you can visit Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII). Just like the previous building, TMII is also one of the most popular historical buildings in Jakarta.

The TMII building presents an interesting summary of Indonesian cultures. In addition, there are also children’s attractions such as cable cars, swimming pools, and trains.

4. Lubang Buaya

Lubang Buaya or the Pancasila Sakti Monument Museum is a silent witness to a historical event of Indonesia’s G30S PKI. This museum was purposely built to honor the heroes who died at Lubang Buaya. Located in Cipayung, East Jakarta, access to this place is not difficult. You can go there by bus, train, or private vehicle.

5. National Museum

The National Museum is located opposite the National Monument (Monas). This museum is also known as the Elephant Museum because of the iconic bronze elephant statue in the front yard of the building. The National Museum was first built by the Dutch in the colonial era.

Having European architectural elements with towering pillars, the National Museum is now a historical asset that is further developed by the government. In addition to Dutch and European style, this building also has a Greek-style courtyard interior.

If some people are interested in enjoying the vast expanse of green land on the Bintan golf course, you can visit the historic building above for a pocket-friendly but still educational experience.

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