6 Ways to Clean Curtains Without Lowering Them, Practical!

Cleaning curtains is several of those everyday tasks that are often delayed for years. The procedure of unloading, washing, drying, and hanging them back is painstaking. However, did you know that it turns out that we can keep the curtains in a top situation without no having to take them off? Yes, as lengthy as you get the right equipment, curtain cleaning can be a lot simpler than you imagine. Let’s see an explanation of how to wash curtains practically without having to lower them! for more information: cobweb duster

Window blinds are a common feature in homes across the world. They provide privacy and can add a touch of style to any room.

Unfortunately, dust and dirt can build up on your blinds over time, making them look dirty and stained.


If your only problem with curtains is dirt, a strong vacuum cleaner with an extended joint is the tool you need to wash your curtains. However, for best results, you must use a vacuum cleaner with a hose connection and a lightweight. You may want to use a ladder to gain access to the very top of the curtains. Use a smooth brush to remove persistent dust and dirt, and don’t forget to vacuum frequently to keep the curtains clean of dust.

Shake the Curtains

Using a set of folding ladders, climb up onto your curtains and wobble vigorously from someplace near the curtain rod or shaft. This will remove persistent dust and dirt.

Get Rid of All Small Fibers

Particular types of curtains can entice dust and hair which can attach to the material. If you make out that the vacuum cleaner has not taken all the lint, use a roller or lint brush. To make sure you clean the whole thing, have somebody pull the curtains out and level them for you.

Use Steam

If your curtains are slippery or have stains, a vacuum cleaner alone will not suffice. But instead of taking it down and cleaning it, you can eliminate the stain even though your curtains are on with the strength of the steam.

The gentle, vertical sweep along with the steam cleaning head penetrates the fibers without soaking them. Work slowly and in detail to make sure you clean every inch of the curtains, don’t forget to set your steam washing powder to the softest setting as well. This curtain cleaning method is most successful if your curtains are heavy and made of natural fibers.

Removing Odors in Curtains

A good steam cleaning product should be able to eliminate the most unwanted odors from the curtains. Though, if it’s still there, you may want to take some additional steps. For example, deodorizer in spray form is ideal for getting curtains smelling fresh and clean. To keep the nearby area fresh, place a container of baking powder and your favorite crucial oil on the shelf.

Wash Windows

Curtains are often dirty or damaged when the windows they cover-up are rarely cleaned. Therefore, also clean the windows regularly so that your curtains stay neat. When cleaning windows, don’t forget to roll or tie the curtains first so that the glass cleaner doesn’t stick to the curtains, baily boys¬†for help

Those are some ways to practically clean the curtains without having to lower them.

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