Marine tourism is becoming the most popular in Indonesia because the number of beaches is enormous. Almost every city has a beach, each offering a different charm. There are also black beach indonesia that you can find in Riau.

But besides black beaches, Riau still has hundreds of other beautiful beaches that are suitable as tourist destinations when summer arrives. Some offer super stunning sunset views, and there are also beaches without sand.

Beautiful Beaches in Riau Province

1. Selat Baru Beach

This beach has a stretch of soft white sand that is comfortable for walking barefoot. The waves are moderate and safe for playing in water or swimming. Another attraction is the culinary side of the beach from several food stalls.

2. Purnama Beach

The beach in the Dumai area does not have sand like beaches in general. Still, rocks of various sizes are neatly arranged along the shoreline. Another view offered is the blue sea water which has moderate waves. You can enjoy it from under the tree while tasting young coconut ice.

3. Cinta Beach

Cinta beach or love beach, which is famous for its unique name, is located in pekan baru riau, precisely in Kampar Regency. If you come from the centre city, you must travel about 40 minutes by car.

The waves of this beach are pretty calm, so it is suitable for surfing, banana boating, and swimming. The sea water is blue, and there is also a stretch of grass on one side of the beach, adding to the coolness.

4. Rupat Utara Beach

You can find the most exotic views from the beach in the afternoon when dusk arrives. The sunlight on the western horizon looks very beautiful, coupled with a lovely beach atmosphere.

5. Hitam Beach (Black Beach)

This is the most exotic and unique beach in Riau because it has natural black sand with a hard texture. This destination is located in Bukit Batu District, precisely in Sepahat Village. This beach faces the Malacca Strait, giving it a comprehensive sea view with bluish water. The picture is even more impressive when dusk falls.

6. Lapin Beach

Contrary to the previous beach, Lapin Beach has white sand with a fine texture. There are wooden boats owned by residents that you can rent to enjoy the view from above the water. The breeze is refreshing, and the waves in the sea are not that big. This place also offers an exotic sunset view.

7. Sisi Beach

The 7 km long coastline is the main attraction of Sisi Beach, located in the Serasan area. The sand is soft and white, while the underwater scenery is no less stunning. There are various forms of coral reefs and colorful ornamental fish.

8. Pelawan Beach

If you want a beach with complete facilities, then Pelawan Beach is the answer. You can easily find facilities like gazebos, rinse rooms, clean toilets, spacious parking, food stalls, and lodging in the area. The location is in Pangke, Meral. In addition to the sea and sand, there is an exotic view of the mangrove forest.

Besides being popular with oil palm plantations and oil mines, Riau is also rich in exotic marine tourism, like the eight beaches listed above. Interestingly, each of them has a different uniqueness and charm. Ready to visit them all?

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