Life is full of precious and special moments that are vey much worth capturing, and treasuring and preserving in beautiful and luxurious hardcover photo books. A collection of cherished snaps can easily become a priceless family heirloom. When your favourite images are presented in the pages of stylish, elegant and durable photo books you create a lasting memento to pass down through generations.

With so many different styles and types of photo albums available, it can be difficult knowing which one to choice for your curated compilation of favourite photographs. Our practical guide offers all the advice that you need to make the best photo book purchase for your most prized collection.

Size Matters

Your primary concern, when choosing the best photo book for your special moments is size and format. While most people decide on the largest page size and volume, and biggest book, there’s no reason why you can’t opt for a photo book that’s smaller and more compact.

It’s a good idea to consider the overall theme of the photography collection that you want to display. Large sized photo books are perfect for showing off special occasion memories, like weddings, and birthday and anniversary milestones. Mid-size photo books are ideally proportioned to showcase stunning portraits and landscape images of everyday family life, travel adventures and random snaps. And of course, small photo albums are excellent for bragging!

If you’re keen to highlight your photography skills, a modern style layflat photo book will do your work justice. You’ll be able to display an array of stunning double page photo spreads without the photo album’s spine seam spoiling your arrangement. You can achieve photo display results that resemble glossy magazine quality.

The Shape

Although the majority of photo books available sport a traditional rectangular shape, some people prefer to choose a square format to display their favourite snaps.  The type of images that you mostly capture – portrait or landscape – can help you determine the best photo book for you.

If you love to snap scenic panoramic shots, a traditional rectangular shape is the ideal photo book option. Square is great for highlighting special occasions and events, like weddings and birthdays that tend to primarily feature portrait photography.

The Cover

Just like traditional reading and picture books, photo albums are available in hardback and softcover versions. Fabric hardback covers offer an additional option to choose from. When deciding which cover is best for your photo book, it’s worth thinking about whether you want to preserve your collection of happy memories for now, or for the long-term.

Premium quality hardcover photo books offer the most elegant and durable option for treasured photos that you want to preserve for future generations. Lightweight and portable softcover photo albums are undoubtedly perfect for sharing with the family, but may need updating in the future, if you plan to pass on the prized collection of photos to younger members of your clan.

The Theme

The theme of your photo arrangement can help you decide on the size of the best photo book for you. It can also inspire you to create unique and stunning displays that become treasured family memories. The annual two-week beach holiday or camping trip can be transformed into a precious travelogue, when the snaps are featured in the pages of luxurious hardcover photo books.

The once-in-a-lifetime escape to a far-flung, exotic destination is worthy of capturing and displaying in a photo book that is better than any souvenir you can buy. Panoramic shots of gorgeous landscapes will also take your breath away when displayed on a double page spread of a travel themed photo album.

Another equally popular once-in-a-lifetime occasion that is commonly preserved is the wedding. Many couples choose luxury hardcover photo books to curate their romantic love story. Single albums or multiple books can be created to tell the tale of how boy met girl and they lived happily-ever-after.

You may prefer to reserve your family heirloom keepsake for preserving images that document the lives of your offspring. You can therefore choose photo books that celebrate a new baby, childhood, the teenage years and academic or sporting achievements.

If you’re a keen amateur photographer, themed photo books offer an excellent way to hone your talents and curate a stunning portfolio. Small size, themed photo look books are also ideal to showcase your skills in any professional industry.

The No Reason Collection

Everyone has a stash of shots that only make sense to the photographer. If you’ve ever been inspired to capture a double rainbow, a shadow on a wall or an unusual pattern in nature, you’re not alone. These random images deserve to be on display in the pages of chic photo books for everyone to see.

While these random photos may not quite be prime Insta material, they can make a unique collection of modern day lifestyle photographs that future generations will enjoy browsing.

The Extras

While you’ll obviously be using your photo book to show off your favourite images, don’t forget that they can also be used to display memento extras. Add sentimental value to the snaps you have carefully curated in your stylish hardcover photo books by scanning ticket stubs, flyers, thank you cards, dinner menus, seating plans and other paper items, for inclusion in your photography displays. Adding these little extras helps to bring the photo memories to life.

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