Quality human resources can be achieved through directed and planned human resource development. Human resource development programs can be carried out in various ways, including by providing incentives, promotions and transfers, career development, as well as providing education, and training. However, one of the most effective ways to improve the quality of human resources within the company is to implement existing regulations in the company and apply high work discipline by every employee of the company.

Discipline is very important for organizational growth, used primarily to motivate employees to be self-disciplined in carrying out work both individually and in groups. Besides that, discipline is useful in educating employees to comply with and enjoy existing regulations, procedures, and policies, so that they can produce a good performance.

Discipline is the most necessary operative characteristic of Human Resource Management due to the fact the higher the worker discipline, the greater the work overall performance that can be achieved. Without true worker discipline, it is tough for the company’s enterprise to reap the most reliable results.

Good self-discipline displays a person’s experience of accountability for the duties assigned to him. This will inspire work enthusiasm, work spirit, and the recognition of the desires of the company, employees, and society. Therefore, Every supervisor continually tries to make his subordinates have precise discipline. By carrying out work self-discipline moves with the aid of the usage of a fingerprint time clock.

With the use of a fingerprint time clock, a company can maximize working time because technical absences are easy and fast, attendance and return recapitulation can be printed immediately, as well as evaluating employee performance more deeply because of valid data recorded by the attendance machine. This is done to avoid the occurrence of time corruption that is often done by employees.

fingerprint time clock attendance machines have various benefits for companies to record employee attendance and performance. Some of the benefits of employee attendance fingerprint time clock for companies or employers are as follows:

Provide Ease and Speed ​​in Recording Employee Attendance

The main use of the fingerprint time clock is to record employee attendance by companies, especially large companies that already have hundreds or even thousands of employees. The HRD department in a large company like this is very interested in knowing, monitoring, and supervising the employee attendance list. The recording clearly and with certainty the presence of each employee in large numbers will be very difficult to do. Therefore, the attendance machine is very useful in order to provide convenience and speed in recording employee attendance.

Provide Proof of Employee Attendance with Accurate

Each employee enters his attendance data through the attendance machine according to applicable procedures, as proof of attendance. This makes it easier for the HRD Department to find out the employee’s attendance more accurately. Employees who are absent, for whatever reason, will definitely not have their attendance data detected and will certainly not come to work.

Preventing Fraud in Employee Attendance Practices

By using fingerprint machines, employees can no longer act dishonestly by manipulating attendance, as is the case with manual machines. This is because the automatic detection of the fingerprint attendance machine requires accurate data in the form of the employee’s fingerprint directly.

Companies Can Know Employee Performance

The data that is automatically recorded in the fingerprint attendance machine, allows the HRD Department to calculate the exact working hours of employees in a day. It is important for companies to be able to know the length of work each employee has worked from starting to leaving work accurately, through a sophisticated fingerprint time clock that is integrated with the database.

Hours of entry and exit, as well as overtime hours of employees, can be seen directly using this fingerprint time clock. Thus, HRD can also monitor employee performance in terms of the duration of their working time.

Can Know Employee Discipline Regarding Rest Hours and Overtime Working Hours

In recording data on this fingerprint time clock, the employee’s working hours start from the moment of self-data authentication through the fingerprint machine and when working hours end before going home. For employees who work overtime and have assignments on weekends, the excess time can be added to the calculation of these working hours through data recording on the fingerprint attendance machine. Therefore, disciplined employees and employees who often work overtime can be seen.

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