Boasting the beauty of nature and stout historical significance, the Yucatan Peninsula has always been one of the best tourist destinations. Among its sites, the Chichen Itza is the main attraction that is part of the new wonders of the modern world. Since it also has a range of places to visit, joining the Chichen Itza tours will be the best way to explore.

About Chichen Itza 

Known as one of the seven wonders of the world, the archaeological site was also one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites in 1988. It goes with reasons since the tourist destination flaunts the beautiful heritage of Mayan city and its historically significant. While it does offer the beauty of ancient Mayans, the location is an active archeological site.

The place hides many mysteries, and one discovery upon another is still being extracted in the exotic area. It makes it one of the unique vacation tours every visitor can have. Moreover, the ancient Mayan people’s history, culture, and details are consistently discovered to give a real insight into the predecessor of present-day Mexico.

Touring Chichen Itza

As the protected archeological site, reaching the location is more memorable with Chichen Itza tours. It is all because the site is located about 120 miles from Cancun, where the modern-day resort town is located. It’s still part of the Yucatan Peninsula, but the tour will give you the best insight into the past, details, and explanations from the specialized guide.

The tour section also has a clear itinerary, restriction, lunch, and transportation, which can help a lot in exploring the areas. At the same time, the real itinerary also comes with specific activities that help regulate the times and actions during the trip. Some other interesting points are the chance to witness the great ball game, the pyramid of Kukulcan, and many more.

For the best options, you can pick our best chichen itza tours from merida, which encompass all of the possible places to visit. As you depart from Merida, you will have the chance to enjoy many other locations such as the El Castillo of Chichen Itza, the Cenote sacred well and spring, or visit the charming Magic town, Valladolid.

Related Tours and Trips

If you are looking for a more thorough trip around Chichen Itza and the Yucatan peninsula, be sure to check our Tulum tour from playa del Carmen. The tour will bring you to the different sides of Mayan civilization on the shore of the Mexican Caribbean. Tulum is another archeological site related to the ancient Mayan civilization with its unique spot, building, murals, and conservation.

Visiting Tulum can be an additional trip to complete your central America and Mexico trip. The Tulum tour is different compared to the Chichen Itza tours. You can get our best offer on a 4in1 tour starting from Cancun Playa del Carmen. The trip itinerary will include visiting Tulum, the Mayan site of Coba, Cenote, and a free tour on Playa del Carmen Fifth Avenue.

Touring one of the seven wonders by Unesco must be many people’s bucket list. If it is on your list, you can always consider joining a tour to get the most out of the exploration. During the tour, you will have a chance to explore the surrounding archaeological sites and get the best insight into Mayan history.

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