The curtains installed in the bathroom from day to day have undergone many developments. Like the many motifs and models of curtains that are now very varied. From here, my-shower-curtain as a shower curtain retailer provides bathroom curtains with various models and motifs.

In addition to providing various motifs and models, My-shower-curtain also provides attractive prices for bathroom curtain products. So you can buy curtains according to your budget. As for the quality, no need to doubt it. My-shower-curtain always provides bathroom curtains with high quality which can be seen from the material.

Types of bathroom curtain materials

Bathroom curtains have a variety of materials. Each material has its own characteristics that you need to know. Here are the materials commonly used for bathroom curtains.


The first material is PEVA which is widely used for bathroom curtains. This is a material made of plastic, so it has water resistance. In general, curtains with this material are not patterned, but now many PEVA curtains are created with beautiful and simple motifs. You can discover our Peva Shower Curtain according to your bathroom theme.


Furthermore, there is polyester which is also widely used for bathroom curtains. This material is waterproof and dries quickly when splashed with water. In addition, this material does not stretch easily.

Tips for choosing a timeless bathroom shower curtain

For those of you who want to use a shower curtain for the bathroom, there are a few tips that you need to know when choosing. Here are the tips.

Shower curtain material

The first tip is to choose the material from the curtain first. Materials that are commonly sought after are PEVA or polyester. This is because it is affordable and has water repellent properties.

Selection of shower curtain rod

Then another thing to note is the rod of the shower curtain. Because the stem is exposed to water every day, choose a material made of stainless steel. In addition, also choose a ring that has good quality and is strong.

Choose a durable shower curtain

Then there is the durability that should not be missed. Choose curtains with thick materials with waterproof coatings so that the curtains can last a long time.

Curtain size

The size of the curtains is also worth noting. You must adjust it to the size of the bathroom, shower area, or bathtub area. If the curtain size is too large, it will give a shabby impression in the bathroom. Meanwhile, if the curtain size is too small, it will not provide maximum privacy.

Suitable color

Color is one of the things to consider when choosing curtains. Try to match the color of the curtains to the color of the walls and bathroom floor. If you want a different touch, you can choose a contrasting color but still have a theme with the bathroom.

Choose a suitable motif

In addition to color, the motif is also one of the important things in choosing curtains. Choose a motif that matches the bathroom theme. The goal is that the bathroom design is not messy.

Various bathroom curtains My-shower-curtain

My shower curtain provides bathroom curtains with various colors and materials. For color, you can choose a color that matches the bathroom theme. As for the material, you can adjust it according to your tastes and needs. Because all the available bathroom curtain materials have their respective advantages.

Shop shower curtains online

You can find bathroom curtains with various designs and prices on My-shower-curtain. You can shop online by going to the official my-shower-curtain page on a search engine.

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