Hawaii – A Must-Explore World Paradise
    Hawaii – A Must-Explore World Paradise. Who does not know Hawaii?

The island at the very end of the United States (US).

Has become a major tourist destination paradise for Uncle Sam.

Travelers who really love nature and crave a relaxing vacation accompanied.

By beautiful scenery can choose Hawaii as a tourist destination.

It’s easy to fall in love with this world paradise.

Because it offers extraordinary views and unique attractions that refresh the soul.

If you guys are on vacation to Hawaii. Hawaii – A Must-Explore World Paradise.

Some of these places can be a reference for tourist sites that can be visited in Hawaii.

Hawaii – A Must-Explore World Paradise


The third-largest island in Hawaii invites spectacular charm to be explored.

Besides Oahu is also known as a place to “gather” everyone in Hawaii.

With Honolulu as the capital, Oahu is the most populous region in Hawaii.

Masqualkat Oahu refers to himself as a native of Hawaii.

And it is not surprising that they uphold the Hawaiian tradition.

Many things can be done on Oahu.

In addition to the natural beauty of Kailua Beach, life in Honolulu is no less interesting.

Some historic sites also exist on Oahu, including Iolani Palace, Kawaiahao Church, and King Kamehameha I Statue.

There are also museums that can be explored, such as the Queen Emma Summer Palace.

The Honolulu Museum of Arts and the Bishop Museum.

Surfing is certainly the top choice for spending time on Oahu.

The usual surfing season runs from November to February.

In November and December, international surfing competitions are often held.

Waikiki Beach

Waikiki became the target area for tourists who come to Hawaii.

The beauty of the beach located on the island of Oahu is already famous throughout the world.

The calm beaches are the perfect place to learn to surf.

This beach is also a witness where Duke Kahanamoku is designated as the “Father of Modern Surfing”.

Duke’s shrewdness in taming the waves in Waikiki.

Inspired residents to try and master surfing.

With a background in Diamond Head, Waikiki has been a tourist destination since the 1950s.

Each part of Waikiki Beach has its own names.

One of the targets is Kuhio Beach, where on this beach stands the statue of Duke Kahanamoku.

The clear and calm water is perfect for beginner surfers and in the middle of the beach there is a breakwater wall.

While on Queen’s Surf Beach, bodysurfing is a very popular game.

Other objects that must be explored in Waikiki are the Honolulu Zoo, Waikiki Aquarium, and Kapiolani Park.

Hawaii World Paradise


Hanauma Bay Nature Reserve

Hanauma Bay is the choice to enjoy nature reserves and with a wealth of amazing natural resources.

Snorkeling and swimming are options to take advantage of opportunities to enjoy this paradise.

Visiting Hanauma Bay, travelers can learn about nature conservation programs.

After a long renovation, the Hanauma Bay Nature Reserve provides a new way to enjoy the scenery in Hawaii.

Diamond Head

The Diamond Head State Monument is very famous in Hawaii.

At this location, you can find diamonds you know, travelers.

But, the diamond in the Diamond Head is actually a calcite crystal which is only valuable for mines.

The diamond was found on the slopes of the crater in the 1700s.

In addition to diamond mining tours, you can go hiking through military bunkers that are not used and are relics of the era of World War II. Travelers can climb to the top and will be treated to a captivating view of Honolulu.

Don’t forget to bring a flashlight, because the area traversed is very dark and long.

Waimea Valley and Botanical Gardens

Tourism in Hawaii certainly can not be separated from water tourism.

One that is worth a try is the Waimea Valley Audobon Center. Hawaii – A Must-Explore World Paradise.

In this place, travelers can swim in the crystal clear pool of Waihi while accompanied by the hot sun.

Not only that, but the place is also equipped with a botanical garden filled with 36 botanical collections typical of Hawaii and the world.

Visiting Waimea with friends and family will certainly be an interesting experience.

Panaewa Rainforest Zoo

If previously botanical collections can be found in the Waimea Valley.

This time the Panaewa Rainforest Zoo can be an option for enjoying a variety of animal collections in Hawaii.

In this place, travelers will find a variety of animals typical of the rainforest and endangered species.

Some animal choices include monkeys, spiders, lemurs, Nene geese, and various other animals.

One of the highlights is, the zoo is open every day and is free of charge. If you want to bring children closer to nature.

Panaewa Rainforest Zoo can be the right choice.


Hawaii Volcano National Park

Just like Indonesia, Hawaii is known as an area filled with volcanic clusters.
In 1916, the United States Government established the Hawaii Volcano National Park.
This national park includes two active volcanoes in Hawaii.
The first Kilauea volcano is known as the most active volcano and Mauna Loa volcano, which is considered the largest subaerial volcano.
This national park provides knowledge about the formation of the island of Hawaii.

For tourists, this national park can provide firsthand experience of seeing lava and witnessing a collection of rare flora and fauna.

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