When you visit a city with such a rich culture as Amsterdam, it is difficult not to be tempted to buy souvenirs to remember the experiences lived in this city. For example, when you go to places like the Moco Museum, you can buy souvenirs with the theme of this museum. Those souvenirs can come in different sizes and colors, making it hard for some people to decide. The souvenirs you buy should be small, as you cannot exceed a certain weight in your suitcases. Take your time to look at the souvenirs in the art shop Amsterdam and decide which one best represents your visit to a particular space. Every time you look at that souvenir or show it to your family and friends, you remember what your visit to Amsterdam was like and share it with your loved ones.

What is the function of a souvenir?

If you buy a souvenir just because it seems pretty or fun, you will probably purchase home items that will lose value eventually. Never buy a souvenir just because it is pretty but because it has some connection to an experience you actually enjoyed. For example, if you tried a craft beer that you love and the distillery sells glasses alluding to that beer, buy it so that even when you drink water with that glass, you will remember the delicious taste of that beer. A souvenir should help you relive a fond memory of your visit to Amsterdam. If you acquire souvenirs to decorate your home, they will lose value when you no longer like them. Companies design these types of products so you can share the taste of a product with your family and friends.

Tips to get more souvenirs

If you love to collect souvenirs, you should know a few secrets so that you can buy them all without worrying about the weight of your suitcase. There are two ways you can take souvenirs home: in your bags or by sending them by parcel service. If you want to take them in your suitcase, you can pay for the airline ticket that allows you to carry 2 suitcases of 23 kg each and only bring one. Buy the other one in Amsterdam and you can carry up to 23 kilos of souvenirs. To save money, you only overpay for the return airfare. Another option is to send the souvenirs through a parcel service. To do this, search on the Internet which companies send packages from Amsterdam to your city.

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