A business trip is a trip that was taken by someone who works in a company or institution usually takes 3 or more days. The purpose of a business trip is to expand the market, look for new business ideas, develop a business network, and business monitoring. However, for some people, business trips become a chance for people to take days off and go on a vacation after finishing the business schedules.

Even though Singapore is only a tiny country, it has a massive impact on the Southeast Asia economic cycle. Many people come to Singapore for a business trip. It would be a shame to go on a business trip to Singapore but not visit some of the famous places there. You can choose a promo Hotel Promotion Singapore through Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp to find your overnight stay accommodation in Singapore.

Check Work Schedule

Before leaving, it’s good to make a work plan while in Singapore, starting from the destination and how long the work will be completed. This will help you know the progress of your work and manage to have free time. Don’t forget that this business trip is for the company you work for, so don’t disappoint those who have trusted you to do this business trip. You also have to manage time so you don’t get tired, which can make you sick and unable to work.

Set A Plan

When running a business trip, you will be given a budget by the company where you work. You can manage finances from the office for basic meals and hotels. You have to use personal money for other needs such as culinary tourism, shopping, and others. This is the importance of managing personal finances and expenses financed by the office.

Meet Up

You can invite your acquaintances to meet up. Besides strengthening friendships, you also get recommendations for places to hang out or special food tours that are known to those who first lived in Singapore, and of course, they have more control over the location and atmosphere of Singapore.

Buy Souvenirs

Going on a business trip also allows you to give happiness to others by bringing gifts. This is not mandatory, because you must be tired of work and have no free time. But this also doesn’t hurt because you can bring a souvenir.

Have you imagined a vacation while on a business trip? But, don’t forget that your goal is for work. So that you don’t miss documents and files that support work, don’t enjoy your vacation too much because it can reduce concentration while working.

Bring enough clothes, not too much, but don’t let you run out of clothes. You can also reserve a hotel that is strategically located, this close location certainly makes it easier for you when you are mobile to several places.

The hotel’s strategic location also reduces fatigue because if the hotel is too far away, you will be tired. I have to leave or go home, especially if you come back too late.

Indeed, sometimes hotels that have less strategic or remote locations have prices that tend to be cheaper. But there’s no need to worry because there are many hotels in Singapore that provide quite a lot of discounts so you can enjoy good hotel facilities, as well as a strategic location and low prices.

Don’t forget to have cash, in anticipation of your business trip location being in a place far from the ATM or the area where you cannot pay by card and only accept buying and selling transactions with cash. But don’t bring too much money, worry that you will lose it while traveling.

Before going on a business trip, you must find out the location of the business trip. Don’t forget to ask for a business card from the hotel so that if you come home too late or maybe even get lost, you can contact the hotel to pick you up. This is safer than using public transportation at night or early morning.

Enjoy your business trip, don’t forget files and documents, as well as personal identity. Be careful on the way.