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Regional delegation scholarships are scholarships whose entire costs will be borne by the funding agency. Tips for applying for this regional representative scholarship can be done easily through the bud fund application guide. You can follow the steps for submitting a BUD according to the applicable terms and conditions.

Who Gets the Regional Representatives Scholarship?

1. Regional Representative Scholarship Recipients

Prospective recipients of regional delegate scholarships are those who have been recommended and have passed a series of tests and agreed on conditions. This scholarship will pay for all kinds of campus needs, both building fees, practical fees, and all living allowances for BUD scholarship recipients.

Those who are entitled to receive scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate students, namely regional delegates scholarships, are those who have been directly recommended by the regional government. Both companies, private institutions, and if they pass will be pulled back to their respective areas.

There are so many requirements and criteria that must be met by these students both in terms of health, intelligence, and other aspects. You can easily register and receive this type of scholarship as well as accept various terms, criteria and fulfill various conditions.

2. Criteria for BUD Scholarship Recipients

There are so many criteria, conditions, and requirements that must be carried out and considered by BUD scholarship recipients. One of them is those who graduated from SMA, MA, or SMK and studied on the basis of science. They also have potential and are recommended and financed directly by the funding agency.

BUD scholarship recipients must not be more than 25 years old, have good high school report cards, and have a good high school history. In particular, they must have excellent grades in several areas, such as five semesters of biology, chemistry, physics, and other subjects such as mathematics.

Scholarship recipients must also be physically and mentally healthy and have been proven drug-free. In the first-year students must also be willing to live in a designated dormitory.

3. BUD Scholarship Acceptance Process

As a BUD funder, you will receive information from IPB to the agency that has officially become a funder during your studies. You will also establish a commitment and willingness to finance prospective BUD students by the central government, local governments, and private companies.

As a BUD scholarship recipient, you will be asked to participate in the screening or selection of prospective BUD students which is held directly by the funder. You will also be asked to send the file of prospective BUD students by the funder to the relevant campus.

Selection and announcement of selection results will be announced as agreed. Completion of the manuscript and all kinds of terms and conditions will also be carried out by the funder. The following is the completion of financial administration by authorized funders.

As a prospective student, you can also complete registration by calling prospective BUD students. You will start studying at the relevant campus according to the stated schedule and campus conditions. Completing all kinds of payments is also mandatory for your funders.

The registration form must also be completed as soon as possible and submitted directly to the funding partner. Of course, people who have completed and agreed to various provisions.

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