The world we live in has changed drastically over the past ten years and it continues to change.  While yoga and other mind-body practices are trending, we are now seeing yoga everywhere we look. While it used to be thought of as a “hippie” thing, it is now trending and available anywhere and everywhere.

I was in TJ Maxx shopping for sheets just last week and ran into third eye chakra pillows and tons of figurines in a seated cross-legged position with their hands together at their hearts.  People have begun to realize that you don’t have to be flexible to practice yoga, and you don’t have to be obsessed with Eastern philosophies.  Yoga is really for everybody and this is why it’s so popular now.

With the prevalence of yoga on the rise, it’s no wonder that so many people are interested in taking yoga teacher training to learn how to become a certified yoga instructor.  There are almost as many yoga teacher training programs available as there are people who are interested in enrolling in the yoga teacher training programs.  This is why it is important to do your research and find out which yoga teacher training is best for you.

The answer is different for all of us.  There are people who are looking for a 200 hour yoga teacher training certification that is quick and easy, almost like the path of least resistance.  And then there are others who are looking for a genuine learning experience that offers growth and inspiration.

Some of the quick fix programs are those like Yoga Renew or Aura Yoga Teacher Training.

They are great marketers and create a lot of hype and a fun ambiance, but the actual training programs don’t offer a whole lot of substantial information.  The positive side of programs like these is that you can get certified really quickly.  The drawbacks for these types of programs is that once you’re certified, you may not be prepared to actually teach yoga to anyone.

There are a lot of options for more detailed yoga teacher training programs like Brett Larkin’s Uplifted Yoga Teacher Training or Online Yoga School’s 200 hour yoga teacher training program.  All of these are good, and its just a matter of choosing the program that meets your needs.  Once you figure out which ones you’re most interested in, cost can be a determining factor.

Yoga Teacher Training can range from a few hundred dollars all the way to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on where you train and what type of program you pick.  If you’re going to India for an in-person six month stay, you could be looking at close to fifty thousand dollars.  If you’re taking a self-paced program online, you may be able to pull off your yoga teacher certification for under five hundred dollars.

As you can see, there are many options and a lot of things that factor into these options.  The important thing is that you remain true to yourself and choose a program that fits your needs and desires.

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