Explore Desert Safarai Dubai

Explore Desert Safarai Dubai. You must have heard about deserts a lot. But have you ever heard about desert safari Dubai?

If not then you don’t have to worry you are at the correct place to know about desert safari Dubai.

Explore Desert Safarai Dubai

Explore Desert Safarai Dubai

Everyone who thinks of a desert thins of barren land with no people there.

And the least amount of activities taking place.

But I guess if anyone is thinking like this so they might be wrong.

Because if human resource is employed at a place so wonders can be done with that place.

To make that place the main tourist attraction and attention-grabbing place.


This is the case with Desert Safari Dubai.

Desert safari in past years was also known as a barren land.

But when the Government of Dubai employed Human resources on it to work.

On it after that time that land converted into

A land basically a desert of unique activities.

Now if you go to visit that place.

You will be confused that how many activities to experience such a short span of time.

Let me give you enough description of these activities to you!




Camel riding is the most loved activity here.

You get to experience the slow and calm camel ride.

In the huge sand dunes of the desert.

You get to see the desert with a wider angle while sitting on it.


Quad biking is another kind of activity here.

At desert safari which can excite a person easily for a Desert safari Dubai.

It is a thrilling activity and is the most amazing experience.

When you get the experience of riding on the sand dunes at a high speed.


Sunsets are one amazing and beautiful kind of experience here at Desert safari Dubai.

In this experience, you get to see the beautiful colors of the sun hiding in the sand dunes of the desert.

The day changing into the night.

A lot of people visit Desert safari Dubai for this experience.


Overnight camping can prove to be a camp full of more activities and fun.

It is the best kind of experience one could have.

You get to sit on the Arabian carpets under the sky filled

With shiny stars and that shine in stars is reflecting in your eyes.

Overnight camping at desert safari Dubai also has a lot of activities to offer.


The best of all is the fir show in it.

Fire show is performed by the professionals

At desert safari Dubai and can amaze any person.


Belly dance here at the overnight camp is also very famous.

Professional belly dancers perform it and are enjoyed by a lot of people.


Henna art is a special activity here.

You can have an experience of getting henna art done on your hand.

Which is a painless method while enjoying the belly dance or tanoura dance.

Oh did I just say Tanoura dance?

It is also a kind of activity that takes place at the desert safari Dubai, it is preferred a lot by the tourists.


This camp is ended by an amazing barbecue dinner.

which is I guess a good end to the overnight camping at the desert safari Dubai.

That’s all.

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