The Moco Museum is proud to present “Denim For Earth”. This is the only Amsterdam museum that cares about making a change that will help the planet.

Moco Museum opens its doors to a sustainable world

The Moco Museum is proud to present “Denim For Earth”. This is the only Amsterdam museum that cares about making a change that will help the planet.April 22 is the date chosen to celebrate Earth Day. It is a special day where we remember that we only have one planet and that we must take care of it for generations to come. In an effort to demonstrate that art can also be sustainable, the Moco Museum has brought to its facilities “Denim For Earth”. What this new gallery seeks to demonstrate, through images, is the environmental impact caused by the denim industry, while setting a new standard: Fashion is an art of change. This Amsterdam museum seeks to create awareness in people who enjoy these works of art. If art does not generate paradigm shifts, it has not fulfilled its real purpose. On this occasion, art becomes a tool that seeks to raise awareness about a global problem that affects us all equally.

A great team unites for a good cause

Creative agency The Visionary Lab took the initiative to invite fashion designers and artists like Karim Adduchi, Charlotte Bakkenes, Yuki Isshiki, Yulia Ivanova, Bagua Jody, Majid Karrouch, Ferry Schiffelers and Tess van Zalinge with the aim of creating couture out of circular denim innovations and denim waste of G-Star RAW. The result is an artistic work that seeks to support the planet with the intention of demonstrating that denim can reduce its impact on the ecological footprint by making small adjustments to its industrial processes. To make it even more memorable, the Moco Museum in alliance with Studio Irma took the gallery to a unique augmented reality experience, giving life to each of the works that compose this gallery. A true spectacle worth enjoying.

An Amsterdam museum that seeks to generate change

The Moco Museum has always been recognized as a space to demonstrate that there are things we must change to create a better world. Each of its works of art seeks to expose that there are better ways of doing things. Denim For Earth is an example of this. We must take action soon if we want to leave a healthy planet for the next generations. We have seen many movies that show us a polluted planet in the future where people struggle to breathe. There is still time to prevent this from becoming a reality, but we must act now. We invite you to be part of this initiative that seeks to reduce the impact of the denim industry on the ecological footprint. Join this campaign and help us demonstrate to more and more people that it is possible.

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